Breeding at Three Nails Ranch

  • Does and Fawns

    At the Three Nails Ranch, we believe that calm, gentle mommas raise fawns with higher weaning weights giving our yearlings a head start. Our foundation herd consists of a deep pedigreed Texas does with a few northern outcrosses. Some of our genetics include doe from The Refuge, Sullivan Whitetails, and Lodge Creek to name a few.


  • For Sale

    Our sale list is constantly changing. For a current list, contact Joe Francks (ph 254-631-9400).

  • Semen

    The Three Nails Ranch uses state of the art technology and facilities to Artificially Inseminate does to expand our herd’s genetics. We have also collected semen from the following bucks:

    TN Pink Cadillac

    TN Abraham

    TN Some Kinda Dude

    All Dat

    TN Justafied

    TN Geaux Moose

    Sack Crete

    TN Three Nails Sam

    Bambi Jet

  • Stocker Bucks

    At The Three Nails Ranch our goal is to raise early maturing, hardy deer that have the size and look that will keep your hunters returning. Stockers are available for the 2012 season. Contact us for availability and pricing.


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