About the Three Nails Ranch

The Three Nails Ranch was established in 2009 and immediately began working toward building the ultimate whitetail breeding and hunting ranch. The ranch has 1600 acres under high fence for trophy hunting. The breeding program at Three Nails Ranch includes 24 acres of pens and a 2400 sq. ft. state of the art AI and handling facility.

At the Three Nails, our goal is to raise early maturing, hardy deer, that have the size and look that will keep your hunters returning. Our foundation herd consists of deep pedigreed Texas does with a few northern outcrosses. In addition to the outstanding genetics of our own breeder bucks we have implemented a state of the art AI program using some of the top producing sires available. We have breeder bucks, bred does, fawns, and stocker bucks for sale.

Hunts at The Three Nails Ranch are designed to provide the “Ultimate Hunting Experience.” All hunts are conducted in a relaxed one on one situation with knowledgeable, experienced guides. Accommodations at the ranch combine rustic elegance and a casual atmosphere. The family style dining and sitting area provide the opportunity to talk about the day’s events and discuss tomorrow’s hunt.  All hunting packages can be tailored to fit your specific hunting needs.

We could not conclude without telling you about our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  We believe, as Christians, in His saving grace, endless mercy, and His everlasting love for us.  We are humbled every day for what He has allowed us to have, and we know that all things come from Him.

If we can help you in any way, contact us.

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